What to Expect/Carry

What to Expect?

  • There is no electricity in most places, although most trekker huts have generators that they use and have power for a few hours in the evenings.
  • Although the accommodations are clean and comfortable, they are very basic and do not have modern amenities, such as geyser, TV, intercom etc
  • Food will be basic vegetarian meals with eggs if required. Any chicken or other meats are very difficult to get and are very expensive.
  • There is no mobile network throughout the trek route, you will find signal only in few places after Gorkhey.
  • Although the trek is categorized as easy to moderate, there are places where the road is very steep and rocky or slippery.
  • Remember to take it easy, enjoy the view, it isn’t about the destination but the whole trekking experience.

What to Carry

  • There will be mist in most areas and can get extremely cold during night so carry woolens
  • The road can be very steep and rocky at some places and hence get shoes with solid grip and thick soles.
  • It can rain anytime, although during the trekking season it is rare but you still need to be prepared with raincoat and water proof clothing.
  • A torch/flash light, candles and matches are needed because most places do not have electricity.
  • Water bottles, glucose drinks, such as tang, glucon d, but not red bull, chocolates, biscuits and popcorn.